5th April 2016

Eco Friendly Chef Corp. is proud to announce that it’s Revolutionary Technology – has been shortlisted for the final in the prestigious International European MRW Awards in 2 categories: 

  1. Equipment Innovation
  2. Efficiency Initiative

BetterFRY is a Global game changer in the food manufacturing and food processing industry.

The patented technology with it’s secret formulation is a hardware technology that is  fitted to Industrial Scale deep and shallow fryers.

reduces energy consumption, reduces edible oil consumption by between 10% and 18%+ and increases productivity in any Industrial Frying operation.

For the snacks/frozen foods manufacturing and processing industry, this is a World first which has a significant impact in reducing costs, increasing production, reducing carbon footprint and adding huge value to industrial operations.

BetterFRY can also reduce the amount of oil absorbed by food in the frying process which creates healthier options for the consumers and gives a user a competitive edge with their brand.


"Reducing Costs, increasing profits"